David ran the fast-paced Qwest retail account at FCB. Qwest suffered from being lumped in with the hated cable business. We needed to improve their brand image without missing a beat of sales performance. We tapped into a little truth that people sometimes find themselves being WiFi squatters. The campaign was to let people know about Qwest’s thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots that are available free to all Qwest customers.

While at Secret Weapon Marketing, David was part of one of the greatest success stories in advertising. This campaign was instrumental in taking Jack In The Box from the brink of bankruptcy to one of the most successful fast food chains in the country. Year-over-year sales consistently broke records and the stock price soared. David is credited on over 100 spots as well as many other award-winning marketing ideas. Here are some of his favorites.

We had the Ikea account at Secret Weapon for about a year, and we created different strategies for their many different demographics. This campaign targets college students and young adults. Because there comes a time when you’re just too old for furniture made out of milk crates.

At Houston Effler, David was one of a three person team to run the Kirin Brewery account. Anxious to shed their image as a sushi bar-only beer, David and his team took a more irreverent approach. Embracing Japanese pop culture, he leveraged Japanese-cool. It wasn’t long before Kirin successfully increased distribution and sales outside of the sushi bar. The campaign won a gold Effie for showing a 4x increase in sales for the quarter after launch.

David and was a creative lead on the famous A.1. brand at FCB. A brand so famous, in fact, that research showed there was a bottle of A.1. living in almost every fridge in the country. Unfortunately, in the back of the fridge where it gets forgotten about for years. Our goal was to increase usage. Research also showed that the vinegar taste profile worked well on chicken, pork, shrimp, and just about every other meat. We needed to defend this unusual choice, and get people thinking about the different ways to use A.1. We also attacked the stigma of using A.1. on high quality steaks. Usage began to increase, A.1. was put back in top-of-mind, and front-of-fridge. Sales has steadily climbed and Kraft continues to use this strategy even today.