LemonShark Poké

LemonShark is an entry into the trendy and increasingly saturated poké restaurant category. The client’s differentiating concept was to add an element of sophistication and higher-quality, raising their poké restaurants closer to the experience of a sit-down sushi bar and farther from the glut of fast-casual poké restaurants. The branding needed to exemplify this differentiation. I came up with the name ‘LemonShark’ after learning how, unlike most species of sharks that feed on almost anything, the lemon shark is very discerning about its prey, and will only hunt for the best fish it can find. From there, I wrote a manifesto and then designed a brand platform that feels sophisticated, yet aggressive like a lemon shark.

Brätworks Gourmet Hot Dogs

Brätworks is a fast-casual chain that serves delicious gourmet brats, sausages, and hot dogs. They already had a logotype that I liked, so I embellished it and used that as a launching pad to build their brand. Jumping off of the word ‘Works’, I created a look and feel that’s a cross between Detroit Industrial and Hollywood Regency. A Brät is a pretty irreverent food (and word), so I worked-up an irreverent voice and wrote engaging headlines anywhere I could. I wanted the customer to really have fun with the brand. Since I began collaborating with Brätworks they’ve been able to expand throughout Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Palm Springs, and Austin, Texas. Photography: Betty Cahill, Randy Shropshire

Alanis Morissette 2018

Alanis is setting out on a world tour in 2018, and is also opening a Broadway musical of Jagged Little Pill. She needed a brand refresh that reflected her current ethos. A tree, with roots into the past, branches towards the sky, and an iron-strong trunk seemed to fit the bill. The typewriter font had always been her favorite, so I updated it and customized the letterforms.

Class Clowns Comedy Benefit

Class Clowns was a comedy benefit that took place in LA, Chicago, and New York to fundraise for educational charities. Performers included Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifinakas, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Aisha Tyler, Fred Armisen, David Koechner, the Dan Band, The Sklar Brothers, and more. Since school+comedians=trouble, we created a marketing campaign that imagined this who’s who of comedy as having been the biggest trouble-makers in their respective elementary schools.

iRise Software

iRise is a software company that specializes in prototyping computer systems and programs for debugging before they go live. The name reflects the moment before launch when they only way is up. They wanted their brand to feel classic but edgy and futuristic. The moveable dots on the ‘i’s’ allowed for fun ways to accentuate the idea of rising.