Jack In The Box

David worked on the legendary Jack in the Box campaign for six years. The campaign created a new comedy bar in advertising. Sales grew exponentially during his time on the account, and stock price tripled.

Qwest Telecom

The telecom business is heavily retail – complete with last-minute price wars, special offers and bundles, and feature points galore. But the client knew that people hate the telecom business, so David used comedy to make the brand authentic and likable. Chrun was reduced by 20%, and sales increased by 5%.

A1 Steak Sauce

A.1. is one of the most famous brands in America. So famous, in fact, that there's a bottle in almost every fridge – but it's usually in the back where it gets forgotten about for years. To get A.1. pouring again, we developed a new strategy promoting usage on foods other than steak.

Kirin Beer

Kirin set out to increase distribution from sushi bars to boozy bars. This gave David an opportunity to relaunch the brand in a fresh way.